RealEstate System

Over the years The Professional Real Estate System has earned a good reputation that made it one of the strongest accounting and administrative systems in this field. During the design of the system, we paid attention to cover all activities of the real-estate companies, and to make the system easy to use and suitable to the local market, and make the system update in the future easily without the need of much changes, and enabling the owner achieve considerable savings in the costs and full control over the expenses, and also an effective participation with the administration in achieving high performance level for the establishment ensuring higher profits.

  • Mobile App
  • The system covers all the work of real estate companies such as selling, buying, leasing, and managing for others. It was designed to eliminate any redundancy resulted from repetition of work as well as a reducing time in accomplishing tasks leading to large savings in costs while being able to meet with all the needs of the administration and the employees.
  • The system provides a restrict control over checks, and  collecting it, and alerts the user about the returned and drawn checks or those checks due and not collected yet, also the system allows the option of auto collecting of all the checks during a specific period with the ability to change the check status to returned or due in a flexible simple way which contributes in saving a lot of time wasted from accountants, and then provides all the reports that would ensure full supervision on checks.
  • When entering a contract the system automatically generates all the documents directly and automatically  which means saving time used in copying and checking the data manually. However the user (if he wishes) can issue each document separately, and in all cases the system provides full accounting control that insures recording all the vouchers without violating the accounting principles.

  • The system provides easy forms for sending e-mails to the owners or tenants or as advertising without the need for special servers (depends on the e-mails licenses available and how powerful is the server) and it allows classifying the customers in mailing groups and specify number of sending times weekly or monthly, and gives reports with what was sent and keeps record of it in each customer file to easily get back to it.
  • The system can be connected to a mobile phone which allows sending and receiving data through mobile making it easy to notify customers with contract renew date or maintenance time or to notify the administration and the employees with any information as the returned or due checks .. etc.
  • The system provides the ability to record more than one payment  policy (properties sales) and it determines automatically at contracting the payment policy suitable for the land/ property/ unit then the contract value is divided by the dates according to the payment policy (as it allows paying cash or with specific installments) and the system provides restricted control over following receiving the installments and then collecting the checks, and in all these steps the vouchers are posted automatically (if the user wishes)
  • The system provides a close follow-up for the fixed assets and registers all their data in a simple way, enabling inheritance of data so as to shorten the time for registering assets greatly. The system also provides the ability to calculate the depreciation for any period during the year and allows the user to calculate the depreciation value for each day/month/year, and provides three different options for depreciation. Also the system allows stopping depreciation for sold assets or those depreciating at the rate of actual working hours, which allows cancel out calculating depreciation during any period.

  • The system provides a flexible follow-up of maintenance operations for the units, which allows notifying the user for the maintenance date for all or individual unit, and then provides detailed reports about the maintenance operations for each unit.
  • The system supports multi-users and a security system is integrated with the system automatically, recording and following all the transactions done by the employees on the system, which allows to carryout an effective supervision for the administration easily for all procedures.
  • The system supports working in Arabic and English, and allows the users to work with more than one language at the same time, and all the data output will be in the appropriate language of the user.


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