Manufacturing System

The system provides the possibility of tracking and dividing the production lines (if there are several production lines) to main and sub lines, with number up to fourteen digits, with unlimited number of levels to guarantee complete flexibility for the user. The system provides the ability to record composite items in order to calculate the cost more easily. Moreover, the system provides several reports which help to track the finished products and different production processes with charts for month or the selected periods.

The system has the ability to record a production plan to help adjusting the production process, and it provides many reports about production plan. The system can generate a production plan automatically for the next period based on 3 months of production process, at the end, it will provide every possible reports which will guarantee a complete follow up with the plan, including reports with deviations that may occur and alarms the management about the required raw materials that should be available in the stocks in order to guarantee a successful production plan.

The system provides a clear indicators for manufacturing companies that guarantee a lot of saving in costs and allow to record the monthly costs and distribute them according to factors distribution and automatically calculate the cost indicator of the item unit for each month independently. Also, it can calculate the monthly indicators of costs of items without a lot of insertions procedures. Moreover, the system provides various of specified reports like the calculation of equality point sales and to calculate the equality sales for each month or group of months independently.

The system provides various reports about the costs of products under manufacturing and finished products with the ability to add values of transactions and services on the items values, then they system calculate the cost value of each single unit of products. Also it provides several reports and indicators to make sure of the validity of production process and to configure and validate the production and sales plan.

The system also provides reports for performance evaluation and quality control of company. It also calculates the stock ages which helps avoiding to have ruined items in shops or stores. Moreover, it provides reports to evaluate customers and to evaluate the performance of purchases department and reports about sales around the world.

System also provides a full list to follow up, record and extract costs. And it uses the criteria style which guarantee an easy operation of the distribution of fixed costs on finished products. It also has the ability to calculate the equality point or reports about the value of costs distribution on products and many other reports that covers this important section in factories.


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