HR System

The System is a completely independent system; however the data of this system integrate with all the programs presented by NabaSoft. This system is designed to be used in a simple way. Also the system uses a strong and flexible way to find any piece of information in a simple way, the system follows up all the employees data, at the same time it provides the users with sufficient data about the accounting procedures related to the employees such as (the salaries and the advances).

This system includes registering all the employees’ data and the documents related to them (Passports\ Residence\…etc), and it presents an automatic notification before specific period of the expiry date of these documents, immediately after running the system. Moreover it allows registering all the data of the restricted and free labor contracts. And it inserts the allowances in a simple and flexible way in order to simplify the process of preparing the salaries, with the possibility to add another allowances like (car allowance) in addition to specifying the effects that will be discounted form the salary.

And it follows up and archives all the career actions such as (promotion – transfer – pay increase), and allows registering the employees’ advances in a flexible way and following up settling them, in addition to registering all the employees’ vacations with the possibility to add unlimited number of vacations, and specify how would they effect the salary and the reserve of the annual vacation.

The system is designed to integrate completely – optional integration – with NabaSoft Accounting System and NabaSoft Attendance System.

  • The system provides many reports which covering all the needs for both users and management. These reports can be exported to Microsoft Office, sent by email or published as a website page. They can be sent directly via fax without any complicated procedures.
  • The system was designed to allow the user to freely use this section of the system in a matter that forms no obstacle for the user if he decided to overcome it. Although the possibility of overcoming it, but we suggest to add the system of departments, sections, divisions and units as a whole, to ensure clear administrative vision and ease of the procedures as well as specifying the administrative responsibilities.
  • The system allows the user to make vacation request with approval and also to make a return notice, which gives the management a chance to put a suitable plan for vacations to make sure that no critical periods occur. The system allows the user to specify unlimited number of vacations types including the absence, by adding several changes for each type in order to specify its effect on the salary and on the reserve of the annual vacations and so on. Also the system holds complete records about the vacations of each employee since entering the work.
  • The system includes the advance part. So that it automatically handles dividing the payments, specifying there date and the amount of each payment. However the system enables the user to change the payments amounts and dates, and the payment will be automatically subtracted when paying the salaries unless the user wants otherwise.
  • The salaries are designed to operate smoothly in preparing, paying, adjusting the salaries of great number of workers and employees in the least possible time in a very simple way.
  • Salaries system automatically receives its main data from several parts of the system without the interference of the user. And it provides the user with total salary and its details, the net salary, the absence value, the advances and the overtime. The system allows stopping the salaries for group of employees or activating them. And after paying the salaries the user will be able to cancel the paying process and modify the salaries and re-pay them again. This is in case an error has occurred when entering data while preparing the salaries. Definitely all this is submitted to the permission.
  • The system is designed in accordance with the rules of insurances and taxes of Egypt. It allows you to automatically calculate the insurances and tax based on your formal settings.
  • The system was designed so that the end of service provides the possibility of terminating any employee according to the types pre-specified by the user such as (end of contract/ dismissal/resignation/death…etc.). the system provides automatically inclusive information on the employee status, the number of days spent in work and his dues including the air ticket, balance of leaves with the values.
  • The system allows transferring the data of the employees whose services are terminated to the archive. Generally, those dates are separated from other data to avoid any inconvenience to the user and allow dealing with the archive in the same usual way of the system where the data of the archive can be modified easily and in accordance to the authorities granted to the user.
  • The system provides the ability to design messages and letters with ease and proficiency from inside the system ( Vacation request, raise of salary notice, job position change, “to whom it may concern” , .. etc ). These templates shorten a lot of time and takes less effort, which means accordingly less charges.
  • The system provides follow up of payments related to each employee ( residence papers print, health card, .. etc ) to guarantee and monitor the payments procedures. It also provides detailed and summarized reports about payments .
  • The system provides the possibility to record and follow the custody received by each employee and provides several reports for management.
  • In case if the accounting system is available, the system will integrate the data very easily without user interfere, which means no duplicity in work and the assurance of quick, secure and efficiency in work. The system posts all the expenses to the accounts system according to specifications presented by the user throughout the accounting system in order to save time and effort.
  • Also, the system posts the attendance data related of employees as direct invoices to the accounting department without any employee interfere. Moreover, this section allows for accountants to check on the financial reports which may concern basically the accounts department in a suitable way for the users in that department, which saves a lot of time in exchanging these data between departments
  • All the systems presented by NabaSoft are automatically integrated with security system to protect data and provide full control on all the procedures inside the systems. By providing or preventing the authorities for the users, which totally prevents the un authorized people from reading data.


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