Constructions System
  • The Professional Constructions System is a complete ERP for Contracting companies of any size and activity. The Professional Constructions System is designed in such a way that it grows as your business grows. The system allows recording the projects’ data with all required details, and it allows issuing bills of quantity for customers and posting it to accounts automatically and follow up its payment and determines automatically the amount held from the guarantee. And provides a big number of reports that guarantees an accurate follow up for the work done of each project or the undone work and its value, and provides detailed or summarized statements for the project that shows the purchases, expenses, salaries, incomes and all other details of the project and also the system provides statements to follow the amount held of the guarantee and dates of payment.
  • The system provides a complete follow up for sub contractors in a separate way and it gives the ability to record the bill of quantities for sub contractors in a simple and flexible way, and it calculates the value of the held guaranty automatically and post the invoices data to the accounts and provides reports of accounts statements detailed and summarized for sub contractors and a big number of reports that insures follow up of the remaining work and the held guaranty.
  • The Cost Center system will be (basically) integrated with the General Accounting system; the existence of the cost centers system allows the accountants to evaluate each project, branch, month, and even any department…etc. in a very accurate and actual way, and it will provide full control on the expenses and correct specifying of the incomes.
  • The system allows recording a sub contractor/ supplier and follows up all details and gives account statements detailed and summarized that insures following up all transactions of purchases or returns or sub-contractors contracts and bills of quantities and settlements easily and without any big effort on the user.
  • The system allows the user to activate the stores or not according to the company’s policy and in all cases the system allow direct payment to the projects and to upload the cost of the paid from stores to the projects automatically, as it allows to record the non storage items, and to record groups in tree way and with a number for each group that includes fourteen characters and with endless number of levels which means the possibility of dividing the groups with total flexibility, and the stores system was built depending on the units which allows to receive items by units and pay it with different units so easily.
  • the system enables doing the stocktaking process for (items\ assets) during any period of the year. Moreover the system presents reports about the stocktaking from inside the system, in addition to printing the stocktaking record. And by entering the stocktaking record the user will be able to receive the difference between the book inventory and the actual inventory, and to print all this in detailed reports.
  • The system will allow recording detailed data about the suppliers and will provide automatically accounts statements detailed and summarized without the need of waiting to post, and the system integrates totally and fully with the purchase system so it gets affected once a purchase invoice is recorded or a return of purchase invoice, which allows the accountants to get all the data and reports within the financial year without the need of posting to accounts.
  • The purchase system is characterized with easiness of usage and many vouchers are deduced without the need of a lot of operations, and the system allows recording the purchase invoice for items or services or even assets, and it allows recording a summary for the purchase invoice data according to what was recorded before with a purchase invoice if it exists in the payment voucher, and the system provides restricted monitoring on the payments by following the invoices payment so it doesn’t allow paying invoices that was paid before to the supplier and provides the user with all the reports needed to follow up the paid invoices.
  • The system allows the user to continue entering the data of the new financial year without closing the current financial year, and allows the user to deal with more than one financial year at the same time, while giving all the financial reports including the trial balance reports in totals or in balances, or the ledger account in detail or the total during any period without having to wait to close.
  • The system allows to close months and also allows (if the user wishes) to close each form (Document) directly after attesting it to ensure strict supervision on all the documents that has been attested by the administration.
  • The system allows registering detailed data about each asset and its value with the supplier to simplify the process of re-ordering the same asset again (like in case of furniture), and it presents detailed data about the age of asset and the depreciation that occurred since buying the asset. Also the system allows stopping calculating the depreciation for the asset or group of assets. Moreover the system allows depreciating the assets that gets depreciated by the actual work hours, and the system deals with three depreciation polices, and it allows the accountant to choose what suits him from the depreciation polices for each asset separately.


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