Attendance System

The Professional System for Attendance is a system to track the attendance and absence or performing the tasks by the employees. The system can operate with any time recording machines available in the market, whether they work by finger print, the card, or the clock and with more than one machine – at the same time – to record data. The system produces a lot of reports about attendance, absence, and tasks (like the tasks of sales persons, or production).

The system can be connected with the electronic doors – according to the type of the machine in order to allow specific employees to enter to specific departments in the establishment or to track their movement among the departments. Also The system allows to link between different branches for companies inside or outside the country (with consideration of time difference).

  • The system can specify the regular and irregular leaves and the work groups. The system is designed so it provides advanced level of flexibility, in a way achieves for the user simplicity in use, and covers all the administration’s current and future demands. The system supports any kind of machines used for recording the employees’ presence and absence like the machines that check the eye print, hand print, finger print, magnetic card, barcode card, and clock time recorder, so this consequently affects the system capabilities and generating reports and data.
  • System allows to managers to follow up the operations occurring on each machine simultaneously, e.g. if an employee leaves, an alarm message will appear on the monitoring device. The system can keep track of all staff (for only one machine / all one machines) inside and outside the main building.
  • The system enables the users to modify an employee’s movement according to permission e.g. (modifying an employee’s data who may by mistake register leaving instead of registering moving to other department). Also it enables modifying the absence in case the administration decided to modify the absence for any reason and of course according to permission; in all the cases the system completely keeps the actual basic data recorded by the machine, so that it can be easily referred to in order to compare between the basic and modified data in case the user wants to, in addition to that it allows approving the absence automatically by the manager.
  • This system is designed so it completely integrates with the NabaSoft Professional HR system. The integration between the two systems means that there is no need to re-enter data once again such as the employees’ data, overtime, and leaves, since they will be exchanged automatically between the systems without the user’s interference.
  • The system provides a lot of reports guarantee for both the administration and the users strict control on all the procedures and tasks so it provides actual and modified daily presence and absence statements, the employee’s presence and absence reports in a specified period, statement of the late employees according to the defined period by the administration and few analytical reports with charts about the rates of arrival and leaving between one month and another, in addition to that it provides a lot of reports guarantee the administration viewing all the required details.


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