• Preface

We always aim to achieve noticeable quality development for our customers by presenting special services and intelligent systems that understand the customer’s requirements, and undertake the administration’s present and future demands,  As a result of the experience we acquired and developed during the last years, we managed to comprehend all the evolution requirements for the commercial, industrial and service sectors. We achieved remarkable success in building systems designed very carefully to provide the user with an easy access to the information, and provide the administration with more comprehensive vision and larger incomes through out the optimum utilization of the company or establishment resources. Relying on a superior design for both the systems and the network, we guarantee an advanced level of flexibility and achieving complete information protection

We in NabaSoft  make sure to present the comprehensive solutions that support multi languages using the latest .net techniques and the best SQL Server, Oracle databases. Also we make sure to simplify the user’s work by presenting the sufficient explanation and the On-Line Help. We commit ourselves with the after sale services such as training, technical support, and maintenance. In addition to all this, our systems are supported with a security system that guarantees strict and comprehensive observation of all the procedures taking place in the system by the employees, and provide complete control within each system separately allowing high but easy system protection. The security system guarantees preventing the unauthorized people from reaching data, in addition to allowing the administration to control the authorities in a simple way. Our concern to apply high quality norms and use the latest techniques pushes our products to continuous development, and achieves the goals our systems were designed for, guaranteeing that our customers will receive the latest and most advanced information technology in considered prices.
  • Brief about the company

NabaSoft  was established in the year 2000 as a specialist in computer technologies with all its categories. Naba provides technical, informational and research support in hardware, systems and networks for all the government and private sector companies and establishments. Our experience is developed over the years enabling us to provide several complete solutions for the private and government companies and institutions. We believe that success in achieving the desired goals will not take place unless there is total development in manufacturing systems. From our believe in the distinctiveness of the Arab user, we care about presenting complete solutions with the latest Client/Server techniques and the latest Object Oriented Programming (OOP) techniques, making the job of the user easier by providing sufficient explanation and instant help On-Line Help, and by providing after sale help, technical support and maintenance.

  • Our Mission & Vision

NabaSoft  works to develop computer system through serious scientific research that aims to develop a high-level programming techniques in public and private sectors . this research leads to produce specialized software applications in financial fields and bussiness management which use International standards and standard financial.


  • Company activities

 Basically the company secures integrated solutions according to the user’s necessities to fulfill all of the user’s present and future needs. Therefore our company provides many services to the companies and establishments wishing to deal with us. We are basically engaged with the following fields of specialization:

  • Technical consultation.
  • Designing and promoting programs.
  • Designing and structuring computer networks.
  • Designing and promoting web sites and WAP sets.
  • Designing and promoting programs of PDA sets.
  • Designing and promoting programs of Barcode sets.
  • Hosting internet sites on the company’s servers.