Web Applications

Future of web applications is memorable because it's the goal of most companies managers, offering for novices and professionals a simple interface and quick access to world of open applications for all, applications are available online pages so that you can run the application at any time and from anywhere , Add to these, cloud applications managed companies or users to use the application with the participation of monthly or yearly, so you not need to incur corporate or money huge to purchase applications whereupon Order participation of all for a definite period and will be using those applications cloud via the Internet and are often calculated eighth Subscribe by common usage where only paid subscription to use what he has, and this may SME use of internet applications without having to pay huge amounts of value to buy a copy of the application

Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps Is a term used to describe applications that run on smart phones and mobile devices, which provide users with services, each application provides a great value and more effective. Application development is going according to current market trends and users requirements to meet their own needs and also can be linked to Internet applications where interact with each other so the user can gets the highest possible benefit

Windows Applications

Windows Apps are working through windows operating system, it can working on a device or multiple devices through the internal network, Windows Apps enables companies and users making daily work in easy way, where the program receive input, processing data then Provides us with the necessary reports to workflow, as example for application we proved applications for resource management which includes (stores, purchasing, suppliers, sales and customer accounts and fixed assets and costs calculation..... etc.) , Application for human resources , Application for real estate companies management and the application of production management


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